My favourite moments in Flames history

Randy Workman
3 min readJul 19, 2020

There has been a fair share of all-stars hockey players passing through the foothills. I have been there since the Flames inaugural season. From magic man Kent Neilson to the firecracker Theo. I will never forget how the so-called experts said that Theo would not make it because of his size. Mr. Theo had the last laugh as he becomes one of the elite of the Calgary Flames. And, of course, captain Jerome Iginla. And all of the players in between.

Going through Flames history, there are some good times and some bad. I have lost a lot of hair over the years; the Flames could very well take credit for that. I am being facetious, but there has been a lot of heartbreak with this team, in all honesty. The Flames have also had some glorious moments.

Today, I thought I would like to share some of my memories. There are many, as I am old as a dinosaur. A toothless dinosaur, but I digress. On with the memories of the Flames.

May 25, 1989

Most Flames fans who wear false teeth can remember this game. My fondest goal is the Lanny goal to give the Flames a 2–1 lead. The pass from Newy was a beaut.

March 21, 1989

Lanny Mcdonald scores his 500th goal against the New York Islanders. A wrap out faking out goaltender Mark Fitzpatrick. I think it was Ed Whalen with the call of the goal in Calgary. The link has the Islanders broadcast of the goal.

April 7, 2002

Jerome, with a great pass from Conroy, fires a howitzer past goalie Jocelyn Thibault. A terrific shot that Jocelyn had no chance of saving, from a superb set-up by his best friend, Conroy.

April 5, 2008

Iggy scores his 50th on Trevor Linden’s last game as a Canuck. This memory is two-fold. A great pass by Nystrom, who is only looking to set up Iggy on the play — a great pass to Iggy. Then the celebration of the team for Iggy for scoring his 50th.

I will never forget what Iggy and the Flames did for Linden at the end of the game. Watching them all coming to shake Linden’s hand still brings a tear to my eye.

Some history of the Flames

For instance, who holds the most points as a Calgary Flame? Kent Neilson, otherwise known as the Magic Man in the 1980–81 season, had 131 points. Kent also had a career year in goals that scoring 49 goals.

Who had the most goals in one season for Calgary Flames? For this, I go back to the Lanny Macdonald. Lanny erupted for 66 goals in the 1982–83 season.

Who scored the first goal as a member of the Calgary Flames? Guy Chouinard scored two goals that night. The Flames blew a 4–1 lead to the Quebec Nordiques and settled for 5–5 tie.

There are so many more memories to share, because I am so old. I will try to do a nostalgic blog more often.

Last Word

Oh yes, the Johnny saga continues, now that Johnny is being separated from his linemates. It has been suggested that Johnny didn’t do enough exercise during his time off. The Flames are coming to crossroads on what to do with Johnny. The main problem is making sure the Flames have the same rules for him as they do the other players. Where do you draw the line? I have no idea. All I know is that the line has not yet been drawn. The next problem is will he sign after this contract is up? For the Flames to get more, they should trade him sooner or later. A Johnny for two years is worth a lot more than last-minute Johnny.